Taking Control - Whitney Morgan WMV

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Featuring Whitney Morgan. I dangle my high heels and take notes but you seem distracted by my feet. Slamming my pen down, I mock you for being unable to look away from my red pumps. Go ahead and look since it's just the two of us in the office. It isn't the first time you have stared at my tootsies. The stiletto finally drops off and you get a good look at the reinforced toe stockings. I readjust the hem as I pull my skirt up and show my nylon ass. You won't admit to loving stockings, but the look in your eyes proves your addiction. Dangling the other shoe off my toe, I tease you about the archaic dress code that caters to your whims. Let's order lunch in so you can feast on these pantyhose feet. Now that I know your perversions, I'm using it to my advantage. If you want these sweet stocking soles, you are going to pay more. You wouldn't want anyone to know about your humiliating secret. It won't be all blackmail. It could be your hands grazing down my shapely legs if you make it worth my while. We could work late and you can worship my feet. Take a sniff of these sweaty toes as the fibers rub against your face. I haven't washed these for a week and they reek. You inhale like your wife never lets you play with her feet or wears pantyhose. Do you want to kiss my wiggling toes and suck the sweat out of these hosiery? Get on your knees as I gag you with my feet or people will learn your secret and laugh at your obsession. OTHER KEYWORDS- pantyhose worship, pantyhose domme, pantyhose tease, foot domme, foot domination, foot humiliation, foot worship, POV foot Worship, foot worship POV, foot smelling, smelly feet, feet JOI, leg worship, leg fetish, dangling, shoe fetish, high heels, shoe worship, female domination, femdom, office domination, financial domination, money fetish, blackmail fetish, blackmail fantasies, blackmail fantasy, shiny blouse, satin blouse, silk/satin, all natural, blondes