Cheating With My Black Step Daughter Pt2


WCA Productions

American / Orlando, Florida
6:40 min - Dec 13 - .MP4 - 524.53 MB - 3840x2160 HD


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After seeing my black step daughter naked in the shower i couldn't think about anything else. today i figured id be nice and make us bother dinner since my wife still wasn't going to be home for a day still. i asked Odessa and she said dinner would be great, i also got use some wine since she was 21 now. we had a good dinner and a little to much to wine, so i went to bed. a couple hours later Odessa came in to the room a little tipsy and started to undress, i asked her what she was doing and she said she was horny! i tried to talk her our of doing anything but deep down i wanted to see where this was gonna go. once she was naked she pulled my shorts off and started to suck my cock. she kept it up until filled her throat with my nut. we called it a night naked in my bed, i cant wait for tomorrow morning! This is Part 2 of the Cheating With My Black Step Daughter, it stars Odessa Odyssey and is a POV Taboo Blowjob scene