Feeding the Kitty--Quickie



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Abridged/Quickie version of the longer "Feeding the Kitty." The roundest, bounciest, juiciest amateur ass on the interwebs assumes and maintains center stage for this latest kinky feature, and when this fetish åMILF turns her finest asset skyward, we all get to enjoy the visual feast of ass licking, pussy eating, ass plugging and doggystyle fucking that ensues. Fans of genuine, primal erotica also will appreciate the soft, guttural moans of pleasure from this insatiable kinkster, and camera angles vary to include some epic POV perspective as her clearly indestructible pussy takes a considerable, long-form pounding. And of course, all good kitties get rewarded with cream, so after reclining to vibrate and masturbate her hairy pussy to multiple orgasms, she sucks, licks and teabags her partner's full scrotum until he empties its complete and copious contents all over her exposed, bouncing tits