Your nerdy classmate pt 2

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217 5.0
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The sequel to one of my favorite amateur vids and it holds up just as much as part 1 does, love the scenario, its really fucking hot. The sex in here was great as always, I really enjoy watching you ride dildos, you're just great at it. Hopefully there's a part 3 in the future someday...

Once again, you meet up with your classmate Celestica under very diferent circumstances. This time, she's the one who reached out to you because she needs to talk to you about something important. She recalls your last encounter and confesses you how bad she feels knowing you didn't get any last time, so she wants to pay you back. She tells you how bad she wants to fuck you right there, but you have to make a quick choice. You either take her in that empty, small room quickly or she will lose her patience and leave you with a boner AGAIN. You know you want to fuck her, so you let her ride your dick and fuck her pussy hard but do it quickly. She has a meeting to attend and a full studying schedule to complete