StarWhores: The New Hoe



American / New England
26:28 min - Dec 15 - .MP4 - 1.51 GB


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A six girl feature! Princess Layher seduces a slut trooper and steals the plans to the Slut Star! Being held captive Layher is made to watch 2 troopers go at it with hard fast grinding and then to her surprise they even pulled out a double ender dildo! Furious to see the slut troopers not guarding Princess Layher, DomDarth drops them both and then attends to the thief Layher with all the tools in the room. DomDarth spanks Layher, When that does not work DomDarth pulls out a light saber dildo to show her the furry of the darkside. Will Layher give up the plans? Will the dark side win? Watch now to find out. tags: lesbian, girl girl, girl girl girl, pussy eating, finger fucking, fingering, bbw, big tits, BDSM