I want to be more slutty

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LuderChris - Top reviewer May 29
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Annabelle is a true stunner. This is beyond amazing!!!!

The video begins with me doing my makeup and getting ready for another day at the office. But as I am getting ready I think about how truly boring my life is. All my friends my age are working at bars and having fun. I have never even had an orgasm before. I get distracted getting ready for work picturing myself playing and exploring my body. Just the thought of it makes me so wet and I start to finger myself at my vanity. Today is the day where I decide to be more slutty and sexual just like all my friends. So I call into work saying that I am not coming in. So you will see me pour water on a blouse, rip off pantyhose and a thong, play with a butt plug, anal beads and use a vibrator until I squirt. I then lotion my boobs and send scandalous pictures to a guy I have a crush on. Then end is me shaking my ass and boobs
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