Macy Bribes for an A


Macy Cartel

American / Florida
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Sophomore Macy is in big trouble with her college professor and is sent to the Deans office. Once in the Deans office he tells her that she has been an awful student, and her grade has slipped so much in her class that he has to remove some credits from her and she will have to repeat the class. That means not graduating on time! Macy is appalled that he could do such a thing and then a familiar twinkle gleams in her eyes. Macy always gets what she wants, and she WAS graduating on time. She begins to reason with the Dean to not let that happen, so she can graduate on time. When the Dean doesn’t seem to be changing his mind Macy resorts to something she knows she is great at, SUCKING DICK! She knows he will fall victim to her glistening green eyes. She works her way closer to her Dean and manages to get to his belt on his pants before he and stops her, she pulls out his throbbing hard cock and swallows it deep down her throat. Macy works the Dean, licking, sucking and playing with his balls because she must graduate on time! The Dean can hardly handle the power that her mouth has and he blows his hot load down her perfect little throat. I guess you can say Macy will be graduating on time