POV Dancer Foot Worship


Macy Cartel

American / Florida
4:56 min - Dec 14 - .MP4 - 306.50 MB


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Macy has been working hard in dance class making sure she has all her routines down perfectly! When she gets home her feet are so sore and tired. Macy could use a good rubdown. Being the amazing foot fanatic, you always strive to be, you want to make her feet feel as good as they look inside of her silky pantyhose. You sit down by her sweaty soles and begin to caress and worship every inch of her pantyhose laden feet! Licking her feet from heel to toe and smelling all the hard work, she has been doing in her sweaty dance shoes. Once Macy’s feet are feeling better because you’re such a good little foot pet, she can’t help but wonder if you had this planned all along. Never the less Macy enjoys the tongue rubdown you gave her, and her sexy soles are feeling so much better that you get the ultimate reward of being invited back to worship her feet once again. LUCKY YOU