Riding My Wonder Wand Attachment

666 5.0


American / midwest
666 5.0
19:29 min - Dec 15 - .MP4 - 1.40 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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♫If you like Emma-coladas! And mak-ing some white rain! This is the vid you have searched for! Don't miss out on this train!♫ Yeah this video is great, if you're a fan of Emma it's a must-buy.

The best part of this video is its two functional endings. Around 13:30 the session concludes and there is a nice 40-50 second wind down and then outta nowhere the vid keeps going. It feels like this video is the Director's cut with the true ending. I'll be honest, I was boppin' my bologna and I came to the first "ending". It faded to black as I was cleaning up and WHAM Emma's on her back! It was nice to revisit the vid and get through the whole thing a few days later.

Price - 11/10
Style - 10/10
Content - 10/10

Unboxed a new toy! The wonder wand attaches to the end of my hitachi and slides into my tight asshole. This clip gets loud as a squeal and squirm around, giving myself multiple uncontrollable orgasms
American / midwest