Cat Burglar Captured


Ariel Anderssen

British / UK
32:07 min - Dec 16 - .MOV - 971.74 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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I come home to find my bedroom looking somehow...disturbed. As a policeman's wife, I know how to look after myself, and soon I discover the dastardly intruder, in the form of a sexy, black-clad cat burglar, hiding under my bed! Calling the police feels inadequate to the situation; I'm furious that she's been through my private stash of sex toys and she deserves to be punished severely. After checking she's not armed, I make her strip to her black opaque pantyhose, black high heels, rubber gloves and rubber cap. Then I tie her TIGHTLY with unforgiving coils of rope and a big ring gag before spanking her and tormenting her with a number of items from my stash