Freebie Tuesday

INEEDaMOMMY sweet loving AB Mommy change



Canadian / Las Vegas
15:59 min - Dec 14 - .WMV - 382.00 MB


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After a slew of mean AB Mommies and lots of diaper punishment and humiliation, what better way to cheer up for the holidays than to have a nice soft, sweet and LOVING adult baby mommy like Terra to wake you up, diaper check you and change your wet nappy? She loves to joke and have fun with you, taking off your old pissy pampers and breaking out a nice thick Bambinos to cover your tushy! She's gonna take you to Chuck E Cheese later but first you gotta haveyour boba. then it's fun playtime with toys and she reads you a little story too! Lots of happiness with your AB Mommy!! Kisses sweetie pampers boy