I rip my satin nightgowns and titplay



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Look at my beautiful satin nightgown and dressing gown, what a sexy and elegant outfit for a passion night with you! They match each other so well in that classy camel colour, I look so hot with them on. But today I am gonna rip them all with my own hands. I feel powerful. I have the control and I want to destroy them before your eyes to make you horny like hell. Imagine my impressive curved body under my long gowns: my delightful tits, my waist, my butt... Their soft, smooth touch and their thin and special fabric mould my tempting shape. You can even feel it in your own fingers. You would like to caress them, kiss them, right? Now it is time to rip them. First, I cut their ends a bit with a scissors and then I will tear them all; one side, another side, one sleeve... I like flirting and making you nervous with my dark look while I tear my nightgown really hard. It won´t have another chance, darling. You can glimpse more and more of my perfect body in my amazing high heels. Discovering my nude body slowly is a real pleasure. I will just keep my pants. This is a battle between my satin clothes and me. Yeah, you love me wearing these wonderful satin pieces, but you also go mad with my irresistible strip-tease and with their rests on the floor. And of course, you love me playing with my tits, caressing them with the tears of my clothes. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you want to experience an original and hot strip-tease. HIGHLIGHTED: I do what I like with my clothes and with you. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW