Lost Bet: You Wear My Clothes

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1,056 5.0
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ho-lee SHEEEEEIT this is one of the hottest videos she's ever done!!!! It's like you're right there with her as she discovers a new kink she didn't know she had, and it's such a great super-sexy video!

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One of the BEST Vids with a crossdressing theme. No Humiliation, just nice dirty talk and sexy pov porn. Just amazing!!!

You lost a bet with Kitty and now it's time to pay up! I hold up my skirt and tank top and tease you. It's just a harmless thing, just some fabric, don't struggle too much. Here, I'll close my eyes. I don't hear much going on, except I oddly hear a drawer open and closes. When I finally open my eyes, you're standing there in my skirt and tank top and you look SO GOOD...holy.... You actually put them on and *lip bite* I uh..was no expecting to get so turned on by what I see. You look..sexy. But the skirt is a little twisted, so I fix it myself--YOU'RE WEARING MY PANTIES?? ...Ok, you're right, your boxers wouldn't look good under there. No wonder I heard my drawer open up. Your cock looks so good stuffed in my panties, pushed to the side like that. I want to touch you. When I do, there's precum leaking out of my panties and my breath becomes even more shallow...I want to fuck you. I want to make you cum. I want to...put my fingers in your tight little ass...in your boi pussy, and make you make a mess all over my panties. Well, this turned out differently than either of us expected....Maybe next time I'll paint your nails and do your makeup :x ;) This clip includes: feminization, crossdressing, imposed, anal fingering (you), huge boobs, virtual handjob, pov, dirty talk