Ash Wants to Eat You Like Her Apple


Ashley Alban

American / Buttville
9:58 min - Dec 15 - .MP4 - 968.92 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Ash is hungry so she grabs an apple as a snack. She says that it definitely won’t be enough to satisfy her, but the two of you can go out to eat after. She takes a big bite and tells you how delicious and juicy the apple is. As she eats she notices you intently staring at her. Ash finally asks why you seem so obsessed with watching her eat. She asks if you like her mouth and you say that you do. You tell her that she has a big mouth. Ash agrees and asks if you want to see it. She leans forward and opens up wide to show off her mouth. She asks if you want to be inside her mouth. You blush. She asks if you want her to eat you. Ash finds your fetish a bit strange at first and she continues to eat her apple. She finally asks more questions. Do you want her to swallow you whole so you travel down her esophagus? She opens up wide again so you can see into her cavernous mouth. Or, do you want her to chew you up with her perfect teeth? Ash gets close so you can see her teeth smash the apple into a pulp. As she talks about it, she starts to like the idea of eating you more and more. She is really hungry. Maybe you can be her meal after she finishes her appetizer of an apple. Ash continues to tease you and show off her mouth. She says that she will surprise you with whether she swallows you or chews you up. When she finishes her apple Ash asks if you’re ready before taking you into her giant mouth