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Emmas Secret Life

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LYON18555 - Top reviewer Jan 22 2018
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aaaaaaaand round two, DING! In this corner at 5'2, weighting at 92 ponds, wearing the tiniest thong, matching schoolgirl skirt and bra, with white stockings and sneakers, Emma "The cum hungry slut" Secrets! and in this corner three lucky bastards and a camera man who know not their peril! lol this one takes the cake guys, Emma starts off giving the guys a little show, asking if they could help please her and then spends the next five minutes being manhandle. I know this is a cum swallowing blowbang but I've got to say her manhandle scene is probably the best part, watching this tiny, cute little thing being groped, pinched, and practically fisted all the while moaning in sheer bless, its pretty much sheer bless for the viewer as well. The she literally attacks the guys going from one cock to another til they slate her thirst and seriously she sucks and licks these guys dry! Love how she shows a mouthful of cream before swallowing and then sucking out the leftovers, so damn erotic. The best line "are you guys ready to feed me? Who want's to cum first?", electricity down the spine, oh still giving me that tingle feeling! Don't miss this gem guys and seriously if you've been living under a rock here the link for the first part: The only way she'll top this is going interracial blowbang or her actual gangbang she's planning, so come on guys join the "Fund my Gangbang" Joy wagon!

Thanks so much lyons! Loved reading this review! ❤️

1bigperv Dec 15 2017
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Wow! Emma is so pretty and a really dirty whore. These guys slap their dicks on her face and rough her up and she just begs for more. I love when she tells them "are you ready to feed me" A must own video.

Thanks so much ❤️❤️❤️

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Dec 15 2017
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Dam she did it again! This is Emma's hottest video to date. Try to make it even half way through. Oh and yes that one guy had all but his thumb inside that beautiful pussy.

Emma loves cum and swallows every drop. I know that some day she'll top this with either more guys or her BBC gangbang, which I'm sure she'll do some day.

How far will this hot little slut go? I for one can't wait to find out.

Oh and in case I wasn't clear, this video is f$&king hot!!!

Thank you so much Marc! Can't wait to top it! ❤️

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Emma always makes sure to up her game, Each & every time :D, Emma has 4 guys lined up ready for the Dick Sucking of their life, With swallowing each of the loads :D

Emma's very slutty dick sucking will have you cumming big loads "Guaranteed, Each guy has their turns of getting their cocks sucked & even Emma pulls of 3 cocks in her slutty/whore mouth at once :D

Each guy dumps their huge loads into Emma's slutty/whore mouth which she happily swallows with enthusiasm :D

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I had so much fun doing My First Blowbang/Bukkake that I thought I would try it again with a new group of strangers, only this time I would swallow all of the CUM! I start by letting them grope and finger me. (One guy almost get his whole fist inside me) and then I drop to my knees and start sucking and deepthroating. At one point I get 3 dicks in my mouth all at the same time. They all cum in my mouth, one by one and I swallow every drop of cum