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After a wonderful first Tinder date, you're surprised Sydney invited you over to her house. You both end up in her bedroom. Sydney notices you're a little tired but she has a surprise for you: a little pill she claims can keep you up, and going, for hours. Without hesitation you take the pill and get comfortable on the bed while Sydney freshens up in the bathroom. You can't believe your eyes when she comes back out and takes off her dress. What an amazing set of lingerie to accentuate her amazing body. She joins you on the bed only to show you her big grin as she explains how the pill she gave you will kick in any second now. And when it does, you shrink down to miniature size. You pass out and when you come to, you're looking up at a Giantess. Giantess Sydney that is. Her plan worked. She never really wanted to fuck you. And now she's about to decide your fate. Crush you or eat you