Wake and Bake Fat Chat ft RavenTripleX


Poppy Tart Fetish

American / New England
26:08 min - Dec 26 - .MP4 - 599.74 MB


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Another long fat chat with Raven! This was filmed before Thanksgiving. We roll one up and smoke as we talk about all of our favorite holiday foods and what we cant wait to eat. We each tell of the recipes and dishes we most look forward to cooking, and get so hungry in the process, we have to stop filming and order food! (see 'Stoned Stuffing with RavenTripleX";) tags: feedee, feeder, gainer, gaining weight, eating, facestuffing, over eating, food stuffing, bbw, chubby, fat, plumper, blonde, big tits, big boobs, belly fetish, fat fetish, smoking