Vein Bitch

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Custom Clip: I want to let you know that you look great in that black lingerie and stockings that you wear in your newest video. So I wondered whether you would do a custom video for me in which you would do as following: You would wear those lingerie and stockings while standing in the bath room finishing your make up. Whilst that you dangle a cigarette in your mouth. You're planning to go to a party so you have to get ready for that. As you know that you'll not be allowed to smoke at that party you decide to do the smoking in advance. So you take 4 fresh cigarettes that you light on and smoke at the same time. While dangling those in your mouth you put on all your rings and necklaces and also that blouse you had on in the "Bathroom Voyeur Cam" clip but you tie it in front. Because you get really horny you start to play with yourself for some time. Then you can't help yourself and you just have to fuck me. Smoking - Solo - Vouyer - Make - Up