Santa's Naughty List

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Riley Pepper

British / Westeros
338 5.0
12:51 min - Dec 15 - .MP4 - 1.63 GB - 1920x1080 HD

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vipassana Dec 25 2017

Go get this awesome clip now on special christmas conditions, too !

vipassana Dec 25 2017
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Most important and best announcement first: With this clip, Pepper follows her successfully taken path to establish as both very sexy and very cute curvy girl who likes to deny herself orgasms and edge a lot before granting herself relief, which is a superb pleasure to watch and listen to. The edging and teasing and slapping is both an incentive as well as a hurdle on her way to pleasure, but it is twisted in a very good, sexy way. This video has been and still is my companion through the christmas time, with it`s great views, Pepper`s little gasps, moans and "ow"`s she tends to whisper in an astonishing english English voice. The "ow"`s gave me goose bumps ;) It is like unlifting a heavy backpack from your shoulders witnessing Pepper finally, with the help of her cute shaped hands, reaches a state of joy and bliss, one can so feel her ! I can recommend the clip dearly ! Come and join Pepper`s world :)

Santa knows I've been a naughty girl this year.. so I need to punish myself for him and prove I'm a good girl! Then maybe I'll reward myself a little.. because nice girls get rewards, right Santa? Watch me play around with Christmas music in the background, shaking my cute little butt, hurting my very sensitive tits and pussy before rewarding myself like the good girl I promise to be