Tantric Massage Part 1-Full Body Relaxat

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Jake2250 Dec 19
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Some good tips for giving a massage to someone.

I couldn't believe how long this is, but I like my massages to be very thorough so hit a lot of points. As my first rough draft of this I am sure I have left out a couple things, I will be updating it and other videos asap! This video is about relaxing the Body and preparing it for tantric experience. I combine many things in my health practice...but purifying the body and mind is a constant focus. Relaxing the entire body and aiding full body energy flow is a little important in Tantra ;) But I explain my methods, Abhyanga, Reiki, Using intuition in massage, and other Ayurvedic techniques! Practicing is fun, hard work and even more rewarding, practicing on other body parts in my opinion is also the perfect way to learn yoni or lingham..these are nothing more than body parts and muscles...just like the rest of the body(who knew) with pressure points, built up stress and blockages, its all the same throughout the body. I am so thankful to know this and hope you will be too