The Perfect Holiday Gift



American / Neverland
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Look at Me. Look at every inch of My stunning perfection. My beautiful brat body, lithe and erotic. The supple curves of My exquisite tits. The tilt of My ruby red smile, sugarsweet to bring you to your knees. When the world is covered in blankets of snow, one smirk from My lips is enough to warm your little slave heart. I am all that is decadent, all that is enchanting, all that is powerful. I am the greatest gift you will ever receive. Serving Me is an honor, one moment of pleasure after enough, a cascade of hedonistic delight, desire and bliss woven amidst sacrifice. I will give you purpose. I will give you clarity. I will give you everything you have been searching for. I am the perfect Holiday gift, especially for a loser like you. And I have one more gift to give you, pet: I'm going to turn you into My generous, grateful holiday slave! My voice weaves gently through your mind, velvet and dazzling, lulling you into complete relaxation. Your self control falls away, leaving your mind open and vulnerable. So easy to manipulate. So easy to spin My spell around your senses. I shall plant the truth deep within your subconscious All selfish desires will fade away, replaced with perfect gratitude, reprogrammed to be My loyal slave. Overwhelmed with the need to give. To spoil. To worship properly. My presence is such a gift in your life - which is why this holiday season, you're going to go above and beyond to give Me exactly what I deserve