How to Eat your Own Cum

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Noah0709 Mar 20

Where is the "I will teach you how to ruin your orgasm for my pleasure" video?

Your cum training continues. This time, it’s all about eating your own seed. All of my slaves are required to recycle their filthy load, and you are no exception. I want you in a constant state of arousal, always desperate for more. More cock, more cum, more torment from ME. So, wearing my leather boots and black latex gloves, I instruct you on how to swallow your own cum. There are two main methods, and as a good Master, I will let you choose. But either way, that cum is going inside your mouth. I love seeing those mixed emotions on your face, fear but wanting to obey. It gets me so hot knowing that all of that cum just keeps boiling inside of you and even when you do get to shoot it, it goes straight back in. So learn, cum slave! You will be so horny after I’m done training you that cum will be dripping out of your cock 24/7. Next time, I will teach you how to ruin your orgasm for my pleasure