Massive giantess



Slovakian / London
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ORDER: You are massive giantess who stands almost 1000ft tall. You stumble upon a bunch of tiny people they are so small to you almost the size of a grain of rice or only 1inch tall. You then go on a rampage stomping on them with your massive flat feet. You even sit on some crushing them, grab some and crush them in your cleavage. You even to rture some by keeping one under your armpit and threatening to eat a few with your massive teeth. Letting them smell your powerful breath and finally your last tiny victim you grab her and belch (burp) in her face asking her can she smell her friends. You save her for later by sticking her in your ginormous smelly belly button.You for cefully put her in there taunting her how it smells. You start digging in your belly button to push her in deeper while laughing and walking away