Face Sitting Justice - Angel Lee WMV


Angel Lee

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This was footage that was given to me when hired by another producer and it was very kind of him to share it! Officer Angel Lee catches the Panty Burglar in progress and handcuffs him. He had a record of breaking and entering with the goal of pantygagging innocent women. Angel decides that she is going to dole out an appropriate punishment and declines backup help. She belly punches and knees his balls until he gets to his knees. She pushes his head against the wall and takes off her skirt. Her crotch and ass are rubbed all over his face. He is made to inhale her scent. Angel pushes him to the ground and sits on him. Occasionally she stands up to kick him or scissor him with her strong legs. There is something about hearing him gasp for air that makes her giddy. She laughs at his pleas to be taken to the police station. He is not going to get out of this so easily! Besides, it is too much fun to play with him. OTHER KEYWORDS-facesitting, ass sitting, human furniture, Bodybusting, belly punching, femdom, strong woman, powerful woman, female supremacy blondes, high heels, cop, police officer, role play, stripping, big tits, large breasts, big boobs