Seated Stretches and Whaletail in Jeans


Misha Mystique

American / your Dreams
21:08 min - Dec 15 - .MP4 - 548.89 MB


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After a long day, I want to relax and read a book. As soon as I try to get comfortable and read, I realize I really need a good stretch. Setting the book down, I start stretching. My body feels so good while I'm stretching that I can't help but continue with my seated stretches. I lean way back, letting my sweater ride up and expose my bare stomach and pierced belly button. I turn away from the camera and stretch my back and my jeans ride down, exposing my sexy black thong. I even stretch my ankles and feet, doing slow rotations and point/flex exercises to make my tired feet feel as amazing as the rest of my body. Shot in 1080p *** [ includes elements of: stretching, flexibility, whale tail, thong fetish, bare belly, pierced belly button, jeans fetish, fetish clothing