Cum Countdown to Squirt

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1,358 5.0
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GuildMagic - Top reviewer Mar 2
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Awesome Video!!! Definitely a Must Buy!!!

Custom Video: Today you show up for a stamina challenge. You start off with a seductive dance. You start with rhythmic twerking and gyrating of your hips. Dirty talking as you do this. You continue into rhythmic breast bouncing and play. You tease and seduce trying to make me cum early. You continue this into masturbation. You play with yourself(Fingers preferably, but use whatever to get you going) to get yourself nice ready and to further tease me into cumming. You play with yourself, but not enough to make you cum. Seeing that I lasted this long your mount reverse cowgirl. You gyrate, twist, and buck your hips to hit all your sweet spot and to increase the pleasure of the cowgirl. You dirty talk along the way to increase the sensuality of this session. When you get close to cumming(preferably squirting) you count us down