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I brought my slave Trisha into the Bedroom in Chains and attached her arms to the bed and made her to suck my cock while slapping her with a paddle once my Cock was nice and hard I bent her over the bed and after spanking her arse with the paddle I fucked her doggy before un-chaining her and slapping her pussy. She fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit while I used the flogger on her tits after which I buried the hilt deep in her cunt and fucked her with it after which she sucked off all the juices before she once again bent over and I fingered and spread her wet juicy cunt before I lay back on the bed and she slapped and sucked my cock. My Cock was now nice and stiff so I instructed my slave to sit on it and ride me cowgirl she bounced up and down on my shaft sliding it in and out deeper and harder while I squeezed her tits, next she turned around and rode me reverse cowgirl while I slapped her arse with the paddle before I once again got her to suck my cock before fucking her doggy again. I fucked her long and hard doggy style before laying her on her back so she could suck my balls while I stroked my stiff cock and when I was ready to cum She opened her willing mouth and I shot my full load all over her face and in her mouth. The Dirty Doctor