Mom & Aunt Visit Military Son Pt 1



American / Deep South
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My mom told me a while back that her and my aunt wanted to come see me when i got my next leave, when i did they booked and flight and a hotel room. they wanted to make a fun trip out of it and i didn't want to stay in the barracks while on leave so i decide to stay with them. when i got to there room we chatted for a bit, mom and aunt Sadie looked so good. aunt said left the room for a minute and i turned to mom and asked when we were gonna be able to play, ( she had fucked me before i left for bootcamp and when i came home on leave) she told me to be patient and that we would find time! that night on the couch i couldn't relax so i crept into the room that mom and aunt Sadie were sharing. i woke mom up and got her to blow me in the living room, after a few minutes i though i heard something. we waited for a sec but nothing happened, then my aunt busted out of the bed room screaming at my mom and asking what she was doing. she kept saying that's your son that's your son, after a little bit of explaining aunt Sadie calmed down, she kinda understood why mom did it and said she would keep our secret. with some more smooth talking my aunt joined in, i got the best blowjob of my life from my mom and aunt, we all went to bed together, i cant wait for the morning! This is part 1 of Mom and Aunt Visit Military Son, it stars Sadie Holmes and Coco Vandi,it is a POV Taboo Blowjob scene