Alien girl needs your cum! JOI


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
7:23 min - Dec 15 - .MP4 - 294.45 MB


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Clip is 7 mins and 20 seconds. Contains topless nudity. CLIP INCLUDES: -ALIENS AND MONSTERS -JOI -MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION -WIG -PURPLE HAIR -LAVENDER HAIR -SHINY FETISH -SHINY LIPSTICK -BULLET BRA A Lavender haired girl with shiny lipstick and shiny gloves appears to you...She looks not of this world. "Do not be alarmed earthling, I cum in peace....I wont use this (her raygun) on you unless I have to....Ill put it away if you promise to hear me out and listen to me. I know you dont need to hear me out, Im just a stranger, I come from a planet far far away....You wouldnt know it. Its not in your solar system... Anyways, I need your help....We have very few men on our planet.....and well I need you to IMPREGNATE me.... and so much more then that....I need lots and lots of CUM! Your cum. My planet has observed you and Ive been told your one of the best men for the job. So what do you think? Will you consider it...?" She says. "Will you consider IMPREGNATING me? and giving me a lot of CUM to take back? to help my sisters live on and on and on..." she rubs her shoulders and arms with her SHINY gloves "Helping my race continue to live...It would be so very generous of you. Ive been told your race is attracted to SHINY I come to you with this SHINY GLOVE on....and part of my spaceship...and this very SHINY LIPSTICK. Do you like the way I look? Thank you earthling, Thats very kind....I hope I can convince you to IMPREGNATE me....and to give me your CUM..." "How about we start off slow...and I JACK YOU OFF and you give me some CUM...." The camera pans down to her chest and shes wearing a LAVENDAR BULLET BRA... "I thought you might like my BULLET BRA....Its very shiny...I thought it might turn you on...." She says as she rubs her chest and bra. "Would you like to see whats underneath this bra? Would you like to see my alien tits? Ive been told your kind like STRIPTEASES..." She teases you with her bra straps and her bra... "How about you take your COCK out of your pants for me earthling?" Buy the video for the rest of this ALIENS & MONSTERS, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, JOI, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, IMPREGNATION FANTASY, SHINY FETISH clip