Lil Bro Tongue Bath



American / West Coast
15:15 min - Dec 15 - .MP4 - 757.04 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Warning** Gay degradation video. Role-play involved. Taylor just got home from football practice and stumbles upon his little brother Zac. He knows Zac is a fag because Taylor is always catching him staring at his muscles and bulging cock in his shorts. So, Taylor makes Zac do just what he deep down wants to… He makes Zac to clean his dirty hole, big cock, and feet. Gay bashing/degrading and dirty talk are constantly getting poured on in this vid as Taylor makes his little bro clean him up good with his tongue after a sweaty practice. Camera Perspective/View/Style: Role-play scenario. Solo video. Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout