School Girl: The Invitation (Pt I



American / New England
9:26 min - Dec 16 - .MP4 - 697.09 MB


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This was a custom video series! The nerdy girl invites you to her house to complete a report for class so you can keep playing football. Her parents are really strict and you must sneak up to her room when they go to bed. She promises to leave the back door open so you can get in. Will you accept this offer? Once the report is complete, she shares with you her foot fetish. She wants you to suck on her toes which makes her pussy nice and wet! Next she wants you to lick her pussy, rub your face in it while she moans and wiggles her toes and soles in your face! Tags: bbw, chubby, curvy, school girl, role play, blonde, glasses, big tits, belly, feet, toes, foot fetish, toe fetish, simulated sex, virtual sex, toe wiggling