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Washed in light, my dark hair spills over my milky shoulders and I'm looking as captivating as ever. Today we're going to leave everything else in your life behind and set your focus on serving me completely, allowing yourself to be a mere vessel. I hold a citrine crystal in my hands, assisting you in becoming crystal-clear. Your eyes droop, you relax into my words. This devotion is the best feeling you've ever had, you chase it, I get you and I get you off in ways you've never imagined. I change you. Imagine that I'm squeezing you, your mind and your cock. As I close the crystal in my fingers, your cock grows and tightens. The mind fractures, grows and changes. Your cock pulses. Your mind melts. I tell you to stroke languidly for me, knowing that it belongs to me. You're becoming the submissive man you were always meant to be. You are so grateful