Prude Girl BJ with Lilly Hall

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Custom Video: Part 1 of a 2 part college girl story featuring Lilly Hall***Last night I went to a formal with a friend from college and had a great time. We got back to his place and just about the time I started to order an Uber he asked me to stay over. I told him my parents wouldn't be happy if they found out. I told him I could sit down for a little while so we walked over to his couch. I explained to him how I didn't really like the hook up culture at college but he was really cute. I begin rubbing my hands on his leg. I asked if his roommate was home and he told me no. I let him know we were NOT fucking. I spit on his cock and began giving him a handjob. I then moved from the couch to the floor and told him he wasn't getting a blowjob. I kept jacking his cock as it grew harder. I began to realize I was getting turned on and before I knew it I had my lips wrapped around his cock. Spitting on it, jacking it, and blowing it. I could feel he was getting close to cumming, I told him he couldn't cum on my face, that was just too disrespectful! I deep down wanted his warm cum going down my throat so I sucked him until he came and I swallowed his big load. I immediately jumped up and told him not to tell anyone what we did as I left his apartment. I had a great time...I just hope no one finds out. ***Ask about custom videos