Long Tongued Cum Begging HD

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958 5.0
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ResidentSleeper - Top reviewer Jan 7 2018
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This video is so perfect, I love it. I didn't even know i had a throat fetish until I watched the trailer for this video!! Her pretty face and sexy voice begging for cum makes this video even more sexy, glasses are also a huge plus ;) Staring into her pink throat and admiring her long tongue and white teeth, I promise to fill your mouth with many many loads <3

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She's so incredibly beautiful and she has made on sexy as fuck video here! Her mouth and tongue look so inviting and yummy!

Ruby wants you to cum all over her very long tongue so bad. She gives you a good view of the back of her throat so you know where to aim. The redhead dirty talks throughout, telling you how much she wants to swallow your cum. She takes off her shirt and bra and begs you to make her your cum slut