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Slimdusty Jan 17 2018

Fuck hot watching you drive barefoot babe
Do more please xxxx

You are wearing a short dress with no pantyhose. You have some loose fitting closed toe ballet flats. Your toes are painted light pink. We are at a party and its so boring. You have taken your friends car keys and we rush off to take it for a spin. You start up the car and Rev it a bit. We start driving. You put your foot dos hard. Your heel pops out of your shoes as your work the pedals. After a while your shoes are falling off your feet and you pull over. Kick them off and drive with your barefeet. You love the feeling and stamp down hard on the accelerator. You rub your soft soles all over the pedals as you drive. We are chatting while we cruise a long. I'd like you to tell me what shoes you drive in during your everyday life (real life away from filiming) and if you have any stories from "real life driving" to do with your feet on the pedals. Also if you have any friends that like to drive barefeet. I'd like you to talk lots about pedals and your feet please. Lots of clutch work. Once we get back to the party you turn off the car and say how much fun you had, slip on your flats and exit the car. End. I would like the camera positioned in the footwell. No facial shots other than right at the start. Apart from that, all feet camera angles please