Fuck Me Santa


Sydney Screams

American / Las Vegas
9:32 min - Dec 25 - .MP4 - 216.10 MB


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Hi Santa, I thought instead of milk and cookies for Christmas, I could give you a treat instead. I want to fill your stocking… or better yet. You can fill Mine. I’ve been a naughty girl and I want you to fill up My stocking. I’ve been so naughty this year that you might actually think I’ve been nice. Or maybe, it’s just a different kind of naughty. The kind of naughty that’s ok. You brought me a gift…what’s in your bag, Santa? You must have already known that I’ve been a nice naughty girl. It’s exactly what a naughty girl like me needs. I wish this candy cane was your cock though, Santa. As I suck on it, I know it would make it so much more fun if it were you I were sucking then sliding into my naughty little pussy. I add my Doxy vibrator to the candy cane and soon enough I can’t stop cumming. Oh fuck yes, Santa! Fuck me!! I count my orgasms until I can’t keep track… but Santa, all my orgasms are for you