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Gamer Girl Finger Fuck and Buttplug

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5,232 5.0
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hey bb what game you playing

thec666 Jan 1

chess, checkers, ..., ps4 (star trek online), ....
@andrewb83 beside this u are a cuty, like some friends of mine. but blaze is the most cuty person i found for a long time.

Hail Hydra - Top reviewer Jan 1
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So fucking hot and amazing! Blaze looks so cute in her 'twitch/streamer' setup

walterjp20 - Top reviewer Jan 1
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Like blaze herself this video is perfect

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what can i say blaze glasses and a lot of fun

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This video is amazing. It is beautiful in it's simplicity, especially as only fingers and a buttplug are used. The video also has a very enjoyable laid back atmosphere that would be very welcome in future videos.

Tatsuro Jan 7
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Blazefyre + Glasses = 10/10 Video, everything else that goes one = Bonus Material :o

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Blaze is Fucking hot, I especially liked the fingering towards the end!!!

Custom made video now available for public release. I love playing PC games, but I love touching myself even more. Your favorite nerdy babe gets down and dirty for you in her computer chair. Watch me strip, finger fuck, use my buttplug, and cum in my glasses
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