A Little Extra Credit



American / New England
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I've been a bad student this semester, I'm about to fail your class and I beg you to give me an extra credit assignment to boost my grade. You instruct me to film a video for you, and give me a list of tasks I must complete in the video for you to consider passing me. I begin by removing my panties, putting them in my mouth, and spanking myself 50 times with a wooden paddle. Then I remove my shirt and write a message on my body, so everyone knows I am your property. I play with my soaking wet pussy and edge myself 3 times before you allow me to cum. I can be a good girl, you are my favorite teacher. tags: bbw, chubby, curvy, big tits, big boobs, big butts, school girl, role play, bdsm, flogging, paddling, spanking, degradation, humiliation, tasks, masturbation, panty fetish, submissive sluts