Ruby and Kiwi Compare Boobies HD

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Ruby and Kiwi

American / Michigan
313 5.0
7:03 min - Dec 16 - .MP4 - 459.17 MB


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This is vid is so cute and sweet!

Buy it if you like any or all of these things: cute girls, affection between cute girls, adorable faces and facial expressions, four extremely nice boobies visible all at the same time, two very sexy voices, and/or warm funny sweet talk! (Also, good lighting!)

Don't buy it, though, if you need to see crotch parts in your porn, this vid doesn't have that kinda stuff.

We hope you like small tits, because both of us have them. Watch as we compare our boobs with the other's, bounce them, lick them, make cleavage and squish them. We hope you like out beautiful little boobies