Sleepover Wedgies and Clothes Tearing


Ruby and Kiwi

American / Michigan
8:52 min - Dec 20 - .MP4 - 726.97 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Kiwi, the popular girl, invited Ruby, the nerd, over for a sleepover. The nerdy redhead notices how nice the tall girl's underwear is and says she likes them. Kiwi asks to see Ruby's, but she refuses to show them, embarrassed. The popular girl pulls Ruby's pants down and sees that shes wearing granny panties. She then gives the nerd a big wedgie. Ruby struggles and tries to give Kiwi a wedgie too. The girls end up in a ferocious wedgie fight. During the struggle, Kiwi accidentally tears a hole in Ruby's pants. She then decides to tear the pants off the redhead, shredding them. To get back at her, Ruby then tears Kiwi's nice underwear and both of the girls are left in a pile of torn clothing