TSAyyyy What Are You Doing To Lilly Hall



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T.S.A.yyyy What Are You Doing To Lilly Hally? Part 1 of 1 - 1080p WMV - Lilly Hall was coming home from traveling abroad when T.S.A. narcotics officer Lilith Rose recognized Lilly from some adult scenes she had watched late night on the internet! Not wanting to miss the opportunity to see this hottie naked and up close, Officer Rose pulls Lilly aside for additional screening. Lilly is taken to a stall where she is made to strip and squat over a mirror. Not satisfied at the humiliation she has made Lilly endure, Officer Rose says they need to have a medical professional check her internally to ensure Lilly isn’t hiding narcotics in her vagina or rectum before she is free to go. Office Rose gives Lilly a gown before locking her in a holding cell while they wait for a medical professional to inspect Ms. Hall. Lilly continues to proclaim her innocence while in holding, claiming she has rights! Before long Officer Rose and Doctor Tampa enter the holding exam room to pull Lilly out of her cell and thoroughly check every nook and cranny to make sure she isn’t hiding anything internally. Thankfully for Lilly she doesn’t have any narcotics, but her treatment during the search is enough of a punishment to make her never want to fly again! Starring: Doctor Tampa Officer Lilith Rose Lilly Hall Runtime: 26 Minutes 3 Seconds This Clip Is 1080p HD, High Resolution 1440x1080 made for FULL screen viewing! WMV
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