Transformation 2 She-Hulk Control Rage

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Brittany Lynn is sitting on the couch, playing with her hair. She mentions that dying her hair brunette will definitely help in hiding her identity, and probably shake off the people trying to get her. She then figures that she just has to do it, and decides to get up from her couch. She figures that at this hour, everyone in the neighborhood should be resting and not have a clue as to what she is about to do, so she walks off to her bedroom. Brittany Lynn walks into her bedroom and tells herself that she has to train herself to contain the monster that comes out of her with each transformation. If she wants these wild chases and rampages to stop, she's got to learn to control the monster, and her anger. She then decides she has to do it, and tries to get herself to transform. She closes her eyes, and takes a deep breath. There are close-ups of her sweater sleeves and shirt rolling up, exposing her leotard. There are then close-ups of her jean legs rolling up and her jeans button popping. Next her sweater zipper is seen close-up unzipping itself. Brittany Lynn takes a deep breath, and looks at her growing body. She takes off her socks, and tells herself to contain her anger and keep herself from letting loose. She then takes off her sweater and jeans, saying that the leotard should make for a good uniform for the tall busty She-Hulk she is transforming into. It should stretch at least with her body and since she is comfortable with that thought she allows more of the transformation to happen as she grows taller again. She feels the rage of the She-Hulk coming on, but manages to contain it. Her skin turns an emerald green color and her voice gets deeper as her transformation into the mighty She-Hulk is almost complete, but she manages to hold the anger and rage back. She is excited to have all the power of the She-Hulk monster, yet still be able to control it. Brittany Lynn then spends some time flexing her green arms and legs, admiring all the power she now has control over. She even pushes her big tits out of her leotard and starts playing with them doing some self titty squeezing. The power of the She-Hulk and the control of Brittany Lynn, this is the transformation she always wanted to have. Included in this clip: Transformation Fantasies, Transformation Fetish, Growth Fetish, Monsters, She-Hulk, Clothes Stretching, Special Effects, Green Skin, Big Tits, Titty Squeezing, Brunette, Brittany Lynn