Take shots for Me! JOI tease *Part 1

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Canadian / Toronto
120 5.0
8:07 min - Dec 16 - .MP4 - 1.33 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Princess, is amazing, perfection in everyway. Stunning beauty and with such amazing curves and huge natural tits that will turn your mind to mush and make anyone helpless and weak for her. Effortlessly teases,humiliates and belittles our pathetic existence and inferiority beneath her. Completely bratty and heartless she will have you begging to pay and be used and abused for ever. Princess is the one and only and deserves everything. Another amazing clip and a must buy. She deserves everything.

Forget going out with your friends tonight. Here is another joi for you losers who can't get enough and need to take shots for Me! This one is super hot with a lot of mean words, put downs, humiliation, ass teasing, tit teasing, and of course.. shots! You'll def need this one. These type of videos need to be longer, so there is two parts. Make sure you pick up the second