Jerk It to Petra Hunter's Stinky Armpits



American / Dallas, Texas
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Petra Hunter hasn't worn deodorant in two days, and her armpits are absolutely ripe. She can smell them when she raises her arms, and she knows you can, too. But you like the way Petra smells, don't you? You love her stinky, sweaty pits. In fact, you're not here to stroke to her small tits, long legs, or cute little ass: you're here to stroke to her stinky armpits! Stroke that cock for Petra Hunter as she teases you with her dirty pits. Put your nose deep inside her armpit creases and give them a big whiff. Petra has so much fun teasing you with her smelly armpits, and she knows your cock loves it! [Contains: Armpit Fetish, Armpit Worship, Jerk Off Instructions]