Jerk It to My Stinky Armpits



American / Dallas, Texas
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I haven't worn deodorant in two days, and my armpits are absolutely ripe. I can smell them when I raise my arms, and I know you can, too. But you like the way I smell, don't you? You love my stinky, sweaty pits. In fact, you're not here to stroke to my small tits, long legs, or cute little ass: you're here to stroke to my stinky armpits! Stroke that cock for me as I tease you with my dirty pits. Put your nose deep inside my armpit creases and give them a big whiff. It's so much fun to tease you with my smelly armpits, and I know your cock loves it! [Contains: Armpit Fetish, Armpit Worship, Jerk Off Instructions