Spanked and Paddled for Misbehaving



American / Dallas, Texas
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Mistress Vika Sirin has brought her slave to her dungeon, and she and I are going to make sure this lowly worm is still in chastity. But when we tell him to remove his underwear, we find that his cock is no longer locked. This slave tells us he let himself out, all because he was so desperate to play with his cock. This is absolutely unacceptable! Mistress Vika and I decide to immediately punish this naughty submissive with some over-the-knee spankings and paddlings. First, I warm up his ass with some hand spankings, and then Mistress Vika takes over with a silicone paddle! We take turns spanking and paddling the slave, starting over when he fails to count his spankings properly. We don’t tolerate misbehavior from our submissives, and we don’t let this slave off our laps until his ass is properly reddened! [Contains: Female Domination, Double Domination, Spanking, Over the Knee Spanking, OTK Spanking, Paddling, Punishment