Lexi Lovell Gets A Big Load

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346 4.0
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This is a beautiful clip! She is beautiful. Please produce more like this! I love how she is completely naked and a few shots of her feet and toes. This angle is good! I would love to see more clips like this start and end in 'the pose' (the woman lays on her front as she sucks the guy off and you can see her face and her body and what her feet and toes are doing) Hot! I also like how there is not over-acting, just casual and everything just happening.

Lexi Lovell is a sweet brunette with amazing eyes and BJ skills to match. She really sucks the cock with passion as she gazes into the camera. Lexi couldn't really deep throat all that well but it didnt matter. She was so cute and her mouth was so soft and warm it took her only minutes to have me close to blowing my load. As usual i had saved up for quite a while and was really ready to pop for her. Lexi sat and waited for her facial with excited anticipation. I blow the load right on her forehead dripping down the rest of her face. After she sucks me off some more to get all the rest of it out. You can see a big streamer coming out her mouth at the end as she waves goodbye. Enjoy