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POV Impregnation Interracial Fantasy

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Lazram Dec 16
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This was the very first custom my darling Jess ever made for me. It's no wonder why I keep coming back for more! If you want to see a sexy hottie that genuinely wants to breed, this is the woman for you!

So sweet, and my pleasure always muahs

This was a Custom, but owner is okay with resell and no Name is used. We are both Mixed ... Your 70% African, and about 30% Irish. I'm about 50% Irish, 25% African, 25% Galician-Portuguese European Mix. You, and I are so TIRED of living in the South, the Racism, and the good old Boy system. It gets annoying we both wanna get the Fuck out and somewhere Warm and West ... Fuck it! Lets start having mixed off spring ... We NEED to get rid of this Pure Breed BS ... Lets start an ARMY of AWESOMENESS... Ill pop out as many as You can give me. We are both busy individuals who meet online for a better change for tomorrow. Then we started dating, but Work, Continuing Education, and training, has us miles apart. I'm missing You, so I make a Private Video, so You can watch later during your "Private" Time. Stripteasing, lactating, and pleasing. * In this Video, I talk about how much I want Mixed Babies, and why am I fulling around with a degree, when I should just be at home barefoot and Pregnant and enjoying every moment of it. You work so hard, and budget for me to be able to stay at home. I can't wait till my Body starts making those Pregnancy changes ... LOOK my Breast are Lactating ... Oh shove a Baby in me! I NEED and WANT your Seed. Category: IMPREGNATION FANTASY Related Categories: BBW INTERRACIAL, STRIP TEASE, BREEDING, LINGERIE, LACTATING Keywords: Lipstick Fetish, mouth fetish, BBW Ass Worship, BBW, Big Tits, Thick, Curvy, Chubby, FAT, Thigh Fetish, Face Fetish, Eye Fetish, GFE, Big Legs, Hand expressing
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