Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

How Far Will You Go

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Jamie Valentine

American / Your Dreams
194 5.0
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forsaken6788 - Top reviewer Dec 19 2017
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Goddess Jamie is so perfect, sensual & commanding in this clip, you can't help but follow along. I can definitely recommend this clip!

Beta men like you can never get anything right. Even the simplest task always seem to difficult and ends up being impossible for a worthless bitch like you. How will you ever be able to please your goddess? Your always saying your willing to do anything to prove your loyalty and today I have just the task. Now don't worry it won't all be bad. Your goddess will allow you to spill your filth but only at a price. How far are you willing to go to not only cum but to please your highness? Are you truly willing to do anything? Good. Once I've retrieved every drop of filth from your balls I will expect you to eagerly lap it up. Prove your obedience and be a good dog