Invasion of the Femdoms: Human Ashtray


Goddess Joules Opia

American / Chicago
12:46 min - Dec 17 - .MP4 - 732.17 MB


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We have been traveling throughout The Multiverse, throughout space and time, searching realm to realm for planets with intellegent life for Our species of Female Supremacists to take over and enslave. We plunder the male populations on planets and on your planet We've been using the mind control powers of Our cigarettes to enslave the male population. Inhale Our seductive smoke, eat our ashes, and stroke for Our amuesment. If We are happy with your performance, We will take you to Our home planet and make your Our slave. This erotic Double Domination clip includes JOI, encouraged inebriation, Female Supremacy, brainwashing, human ashtray play, cigarette smoking, and other sensual mindfuck elements to tingle your senses and blow your mind