Daddy - Anal Training

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874 5.0
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Mrsummers deleted - Top reviewer Dec 18 2017
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Love seeing you hand over the toy to put it in her asshole herself :) Love your vids they make a great series to see her work up to putting your whole cock in her bum. I've gotta say you have the most powerful cumshots around :)Love to see it spunk in her Beautiful little mouth.

FFeZine Dec 18 2017

Cheers bud, I could shoot a load 15 feet when I was a bit younger, still flies out pretty heavy, I love seeing a girl fuck herself in her ass, I'd forgotten that pleasure, hopefully we'll get some more anal action going soon, she has some issues with it from the past, but I'm hoping to overcome that soon enough.

A little slut training, well really its time she was used as a three hole fuck slut and that tight little ass has just been asking for it, but boy is it tight and as you'll see it still really hurts to put things into it, still little by little the girl is going to get stretched, I want to fuck her in her ass and see her get fucked in it, but for now the trainings fine. Your welcome to follow her on this sometimes painful journey to make her a three hole fuck slut for me and any guests